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Grab a story and pull up a chair. You'll be here a while.

As a lover of stories, it's only natural I write my own. Check out my works based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe featuring characters you know and love like Peter Parker, Tony Stark, and Stephen Strange featuring a comic book classic, Julia Carpenter, and an original character, Anne Warrison.

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Science-fiction thriller based on the MCU

Caught In Another Web

Queens isn't slowing down after Adrian Toomes; it's ramping up. Bombarded by homework and overwhelmed with crooks, Peter recruits Julia Carpenter, his best friend since grade school, to lighten the load. But when the water treatment facility suffers a fatal explosion, landing Julia in the hospital, Peter confronts his past, his friends, and decisions that will change Queens forever.


Sequel to Caught In Another Web


No one is giving up searching for Julia. Least of all Peter. His best friend remains captive to the world's deadliest syndicate, and Peter fights against killers, medical genius, and an enemy of Spider-Man: Julia. Transformed into Arachne and confronted by Peter, the pair find themselves caught in a desperate attempt to stay alive and stay together.


Speculative romance based on the MCU

The Fire That Forged Us

HYDRA. 1947. The psychologist jots down notes in her red book, and when the facility undergoes a power outage, the Winter Soldier takes his chance with the Commander's daughter and escapes. But freedom starts outside the Soviet Union, and it'll take more than buried memories to keep them alive and the red book safe. But there's one thing Bucky knows: keep moving or die.

Reading not your thing?

I got artwork for that, too.

Check out my drawings and paintings works available in The Gallery now.

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