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Handcrafted paintings and heart-wrenching endings

Abstract acrylic painting Star Wars Boba Fett
Stories contain power.


Words cast impressions that last a lifetime.


Music, two-dimensional art, and stunning CGI all work to console us after a day in reality. Whether it’s immersing ourselves in a fantastical world on screen or diving into a captivating book, stories are our constant companions.


And it’s the ones that stay with us, long after we’ve left the theater, long after we’ve turned the last page, that reach into our hearts and remind us what it means to live. Those stories that have stayed with you are the same ones that have stayed with me.

I’m Morgan Andrus

and this is

Andrus Artistry.


What's your story?

acrylic paintings

With vibrant color and active composition, each painting uses the best materials for intense,

lasting results.

Gold Liquid
Captain America. 2015_
Image by Pawel Czerwinski
DC Wonder Woman Charcoal Drawing


From charcoal to graphite, each stroke sweeps in a breathtaking story where your favorites are mine too.

painted 3d pieces

3D printing is an art unto itself. These pretty plastics takes on a life of their own with some sanding, paint, and a fresh coat of sealer.

Abstract Texture
Abstract Rays
3D Printed Star Wars Beskar Painted with Acrylic

And so much more.

Visual mediums aren't the only way to tell stories. Check out my works based on Marvel's Cinematic Universe now.

new arrivals

Oh, yeah. They're a big deal.

Abstract Boba. 2017



what people are saying

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I’ve commissioned quite a few works from Morgan and have been absolutely satisfied with every single one. She’s an incredibly versatile artist  and puts so much time and energy into every piece she creates and it really shows.

Paintings on Wood


From painted leather to acrylic on glass Morgan’s talent never ceases to create the most wonderful art. She is timely and communicates with you throughout the process. I cannot wait to commission her again!

Paint Tubes


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